Reinforcement wire, Greenline wire, galvanized wire, copper plated wire, rods, bent wire……

Basic material which you use to turn into beautiful products, or which you hide away in concrete, never to be seen again and doing its work in quiet.


Our wire can be found anywhere. It is used to make concrete stronger, fruit baskets are made of it and it can be found in car seats. We’ve tied innumerable pieces of wood together, and millions of shopping carts made with our wire crisscross supermarkets daily.


Our wire is all around us. Consumers are completely unaware, nobody bothers, but our wire - sometimes literally - keeps the world together.


That is why we take care that our wire, your basic material, always meets the highest quality standards.  Everything is tested in our own laboratory. Nothing leaves our factory without a certificate, to enable you to move on ……

...draadkracht uit Dokkum!
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