The Noord Nederlandse Draadindustrie (NNDI) is a continuation of the Leeuwarder Draadindustie, founded in 1928. The NNDI has developed into a specialized manufacturing industry for the production of drawn bright wire and reinforcement steel , both in coils as well as rods and of the production of wire nails for the professional and the DIY market.

Flexibility is one of the key factors in our business. Timely adjustment of our business and products to customer demands and market development has resulted in a modern manufacturing industry, which delivers fast while meeting  customers’ demands and needs. Outstanding internal communication and ingenious logistics enable us to supply our customers fast and correctly.

With our modern production means and qualified staff we are able to work fast and efficiently, while the quality of the end product meets the highest demands. All products are made according to the requirements and tested in our fully equipped laboratory.


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