Wire can be processed into beautiful and practical products. Bent wire is widely used, both as the basis and as a part of a wire product. We manufacture these bent parts on our 2-D and 3-D CNC-bending machines. These sophisticated machines can produce as well as test 2-D and 3-D solutions.

Every so often customers come to us at an early designing stage. Our technical knowhow enables us  to come up with solutions concerning technicalities and production and as such we contribute to the realisation of the end product.


Diameter:  standard  5 mm up to 12 mm

Form: 2-D and 3-D, as specified

Tolerance:  by arrangement

Packaging: in boxes, on  pallets and/or strapped with lifting hooks

Quality: KOMO product certificate K7273/01; B500A  C en S classifications: C4D, C7D, C9D, C10C, S235, S355 etc. 


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