Shopping trolleys, wire baskets, nails, display systems in shops - products made of Greenline wire can be found everywhere.

Wire definitely is a remarkable basic material with qualities that are very suitable for all sorts of constructions and products.

Greenline wire is everywhere: in the seat of your car, in tyres,  as hinge pens, in roller bearings, fences, cable trays, and so on and so forth.

As much as eight percent of all steel is produced  as wire.


We process  wire rod into a variety of bright wire that is called Greenline wire, suitable for straightening, bending and welding.  

Furthermore we produce copper plated wire as well as electrolyzed galvanized wire.


All varieties of wire are available in an extensive range of C and S classifications such as C4D, C7D, C9D, C10C, S235, S355 etc.

Greenline wire is available in several tensile strengths and diameters range from 2 up to including 14 mm.

The presentation can be adjusted to measure with coils varying from 500 to 2500 kg, strapped,  pallet optional.


The quality of the wire is adjusted to its application. As such we supply varieties of wire suitable for welding, bending and straightening. The surface is adjusted to the subsequent treatment such as powder coating, galvanizing or nickel plating.


We process our wire with great care. All specifications concerning production are stated on the label and all our deliveries come with a certificate.


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